Blown Wood Chip Green Forest Renewables

Blown Woodchip – installers have a lot to answer for!

There are many woodchip systems which are mainly domestic in our region that have a blown woodchip delivery system.

Boiler Installers installed the systems with no regard for future costs incurred by a blown delivery method.

On all the systems we installed we didn’t provide a blown system for the simple reason – woodchip is a nightmare to blow and best delivered either straight into a fuel bay or into a building where it is transported into the fuel bay.

A woodchip blown delivery creates a lot of noise, dust and most of all is the most expensive woodchip you can buy which is nearly equal to wood pellet cost.

The reason it is so expensive is the delivery truck has a special blower and augur system incorporated into the body of the trailer. These trailers including the lorry cost in excess of £120,000. There is a lot woodchip that needs delivering in order to justify such a significant investment. The vehicle is so specialised it cannot be used for wood pellet deliveries. As it is specialised vehicle it has to deliver to all customers and cheaper outsourced tipper lorries cannot be

There would need to be a significant uptake from new customers to justify the investment. We at Green Forest have been racking our brains how to break the mould and disrupt the blown chip method. We will be working with customers over the summer to look at installing delivery systems which ensure they don’t have to receive blown chip deliveries. The capital investment for the customer is in the region of £5,000 however with significant savings to be had in terms of delivered chip it will be able to pay itself back in 3 years.