Wood Fuel 

Green Forest Renewables is an accredited Woodsure supplier. This means we supply sustainably-sourced woodchip of the correct standard to both domestic and commercial clients. Depending on access, fuel requirements and location, we provide a high quality service with excellent customer satisfaction and will work with the customer to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery service. We deliver articulated lorries (99 cubic metres) , blown delivery (32 cubic metres) and Tipped delivery (40  cubic metres)

Green Forest Renewables are a team of experts, coupled with a carefully managed production process, means we can meet the needs of individual requirements to ensure a trouble-free and uninterrupted operation of your biomass boilers. Using our own specialist machinery, we can supply woodchip deliveries to the correct specification for all models of domestic and commercial woodchip boilers.

Green Forest Renewables Ltd is a BSL approved supplier. BSL Number BSL0382421-0003.

To find out more, please contact us on 01373 812520 or email support@greenforestrenewables.com


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We use woodchip from Charltons Sawmill in Frome. 


After the woodchip has been dried it will then be put into storage. Our storage barns are located at our chip production site. Each barn has hard-standing concrete floors to prevent any contamination of the chip.

Woodchip Fuel Supply in Somerset, Devon and Wiltshire


Each load of woodchip that is delivered from our depot is tested for quality and moisture. This is to ensure that the highest quality of chip has been reached for the customer. The moisture is tested by using a moisture-probe.


Woodchip artic delivery is via an artic walking-floor lorry, bulk tipper lorry and trough blower, allowing us to provide woodchip to woodchip fuel stores that have been designed to take blown woodchip delivery.

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